GOFRE bur stand

10.00 €

GOFRE bur stand was designed for sterilization, storage and usage of dental drills for turbine and corner handpieces.

The bur stands are marked with numbers from 1 to 9, which allows the dentist to put together sets with regard to the clinical task and his/her individual preferences. For example, set #1 is used for installing pre-cervical filling material; sets #2 and #3 serve for filing the teeth before installation of  cermet crown, etc.

Nine package options for GOFRE bur stands are presented here.  Each package corresponds to one of the nine numbers of bur stands. The number is printed on aluminum lid of the bur stand. You may find the necessary set of burs just by looking at the number on the package. The suggested system of rotation of  bur marked sets will undoubtedly reduce risk of cross infections.  Each marked set is intended for one medical procedure and only one patient.

A closed GOFRE bur stand can be sterilized in an autoclave or in a dry-air sterilizer. If it is sterilized twice a day, the GOFRE bur stand can stand 15 000 (fifteen thousand!) sterilization cycles during 20 years of exploitation. It doesn’t matter, what kind of  sterilization device you use, an autoclave or a dry-air sterilizer. The GOFRE bur stand can be sterilized in any sterilization equipment approved for this purpose. In such a closed position the sterilized bur stands can be stored in UV chamber or in a sterile package.

The bur stand can hold 14 dental drills: 4 of them are for a corner handpiece and 10 (out of them 3 can be elongated) are for a turbine handpiece.

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