Set No. 192

1817.00 €

The set consists of two cabinets combined under one sink.
Metal, polymer coating.

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The countertop and facade are made of artificial stone, acrylic with a marble pattern.

Mixer with a high gander. The mixer lever allows you to set the ratio of hot and cold water, i.e., the water temperature.
The water is turned on by pressing a special key under the cabinet.The
high gander allows for surgical treatment of hands (directing the flow of water to the elbows).A
wide large faience sink serves the same purpose.

On the left side there is an oval hole to dump used surgical underwear. The underwear enters the basket under this hole.A
large plastic bag is put on the basket (bag volume - 120L). The bag lapel is fixed with a special tight elastic band.

The left cabinet – facade simulates 3 drawers, in fact it is one door – access to the basket. The basket moves completely out of the cabinet on telescopic rails, which makes it easy to change the plastic bag.

Right cabinet – two lower stainless steel drawers to place trays for soaking instruments in disinfectants.

Set #192

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