Set #21 Corner cabinet

2600.00 €

This cabinet is one of the elements of the PANOK® medical furniture.

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The idea of the cabinet that you see here belongs to the owner of the dental clinic in Eupatoria Svetlana Alexandrovna Demianenko. The cabinet is designed for the orthodontic samples. A special feature of this cabinet is that it doesn’t occupy much place in the room and doesn’t impede the personnel’s movement, because it stands in the corner! The capacity of this cabinet equals capacities of 3-4 smaller cabinets on wheels PANOK®-SOLO!

The corner cabinet is very roomy and decorates the interior of the dental office. It also covers the corner. Occupying the minimum space it possesses the maximum capacity. Dentists usually store orthodontic samples in the drawers of the cabinet. However many other dental materials and instruments can fit into them in large amounts.

Standing in the corner the cabinet is at the 30 degrees angle towards one wall and at the 60 degrees angle towards another wall. One of the cabinet’s sides is larger than the other, which means that the cabinet can have a larger set of mounted glass shelves on the left or on the right. Normally the larger shelves are placed on the side of the longer wall. The clients discuss these details in advance with the PANOK® staff when ordering the cabinet. The cabinet animates the dental office interior. 

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