Set #24

3602.00 €

Medical furniture facade is decorated with aquarium image in the dental office interior. This pattern is very popular due to soothing effect.  And the deep blue sea background is tranquillizing as well. That is how the facade of the Panmed metal medical furniture may look like.

The first photo below shows the top of the composition transforming into the windowsill.  Air grids are located between the top and the windowsill allowing free access of hot air produced by radiators fixed behind, under the window. 

*Total price excluding shipping costs and taxes. Our manager will contact you about additional information and shipping costs.

The furniture set includes:

1 – open base cabinet with 3 shelves   USD 180.00
2 – base cabinet with UV chamber PANOK®-7 – USD 719.00
3 – base cabinet with hinged door – USD 356.00
4 – base cabinet with hinged door – USD 356.00
5 – base cabinet with hinged door – USD 356.00
6 – base cabinet with 2  drawers and sink – USD 955.00
7 – open base cabinet with 3 shelves    – USD 180.00
   – image printing on 5 surfaces – USD 100 x 5 – USD 500.00
   – laminated plywood top

Set #24

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