PANOK-1 rectangular

303.00 €

PANOK-1 rectangular mobile medical table trolley is popular not only with dentists, but also other medical professionals, who deal with dozens of operations or manipulations and handle medical instruments.

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The PANOK-1 mobile medical table trolley is easily moved by feet only!

Special footboard is comfortable for placing your feet on it, lessens back tension and facilitates blood flow in veins. Those who spend long hours in the sitting position know for sure how important it is!

The mobile table trolley ensures full view of everything that the doctor or his assistant, standing in front of him, may need. All the shelves are framed with metal flanging thus preventing various items (bottles, boxes, tubes, etc.) from crash.

Gross weight: 15.7 kg
Net weight: 13.1 kg

Package size:
900 x 220 x 500 mm

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