PANOK-2 oval

436.00 €

PANOK-2 oval medical table trolley is designed specifically for the dental examination room, more so for the dentists working most of their time sitting at the table.

You may choose any color from 40 available options of RAL colors – Colors table – for additional price of USD 50.00

*Total price excluding shipping costs and taxes. Our manager will contact you about additional information and shipping costs.

Comfort raised to the rank of pleasure! Beauty is a hot thing!

The top is made of tempered glass. Only once in the history of Panmed table trolleys manufacture we had to replace the broken glass. A new dental unit hit the glass top during installation and we had to replace both the glass and the metal framing of the top.

Panmed medical table trolleys earned the reputation of reliable and elegant office tool. Everything is in the right place! Everything is close at hand! You may comfortably position your feet. PANOK-2 oval mobile medical table trolley takes care of the dentist. It is stylish and creates cheerful mood.

Gross weight: 23.3 kg
Net weight: 19.4 kg

Package size:
1020 x 580 x 740 mm

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